Through The Pandemic



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On the outskirts of Detroit's Eastside is a rocky relationship on it's last leg during the pandemic. Out with her guy and a few friends, Ja'Toria finds her a new reason to keep it "Low Key" while her man is outside.

Ja' Toria Channell

Ja' Toria Channell

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The Grown

Music Sensation

A Michigan gal with a sensational voice like a spring breeze. The answer to plenty of wet endings and sweet dreams. 


Meet Ja'Toria Channell


A native from the outskirts of Detroit's eastside, this Hershey kiss is nothing short of a sweet tooth waiting to happen. Taking a little time to listen to Ja' Toria's grown music sensation, will leave listeners under complete adult satisfaction.


Ja'Toria Channell is a luxury branded voice made for a career headed to the next level. Check out Ja'Toria's new OurWAY TV series  "Through The Pandemic" featuring her new single -"Low Key."     



Ja' Toria Channell

Through The Pandemic

A beautiful nightmare all in one story told by the sounds of R&B's

The Grown Music Sensation

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Ja' Tori Channell Through the Pandemic

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Ja' Tori Channell Through the Pandemic
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