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Now Seeking Team Members

OurWAY Media Group is looking for creative, exciting, and open-minded team members motivated to bring new meaning to the Detroit marketplace as an astonishing tourism attraction. Detriot is a great place for all major sporting events and mainstream entertainment consideration.


Join the OurWAY Team and create mass media awareness for

business professionals and content creators of all kinds. 

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OurWAY Media Group

D.I.S.F. Work Program

The Disadvantaged Independent Single Fathers Work Program is a company-based program of the OurWAY Media Group that helps single non-married parents or adults under obligations to the Friends Of Court prepare for, find and build relationships in the media industry and keep a job.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be 18 to 64 years old

  • Currently seeking work opportunities

  • Maintain or have a working vehicle


Note: If you have a disability and considering the D.I.S.F. Work program please be advised that this position may call for local travel. OurWAY Media Group does not provide transportation services at this time.


D.I.S.F. Work Program sometimes called the “DISS program” for short, connects people to services like:

  • Media Entertainment Training

  • Referrals

  • Job coaching

  • Job counseling

  • Broadcast services


While you are in the D.I.S.F.  Work program, weekly earnings may vary as long as you make timely progress in meeting your employment goals. That means your dedication to the organization of work habits can increase your earned income.

About the Company

We are a direct digital streaming content service provider, serving independent business professionals throughout the U.S.

The OurWAY Media Group is a community multi-genre-based entertainment platform featuring content creators of all kinds creating radio and television broadcasts made our way!

Our team has combined over 33 years of industry experience with B & M and small business professionals. Providing services for bands and musicians since 2011.

We are a successful, integrated creative content company working with over 30 retailers, from start-ups to some very unique brands and names in the world of music and entertainment. We build relationships, create content and deliver results that matter.

Our friendly OurWAY Team across the nation has the capability, creativity, and commercialism to provide creative solutions for our clients, that deliver results and increase their sales.

OurWAY studio services include creative, photography, production, and video, all of which are wrapped with end-to-end account management and logistics production. Put simply we plan, create, deliver and optimize content for our clients.

Job Listings

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Studio Manager

Oak Park, MI 48237, USA

Production Manager

Atlanta, GA, USA

Marketing Associate

Detroit, MI, USA

Marketing Associate

Atlanta, GA, USA

Brand Ambassador

Detroit, MI, USA

Brand Ambassador

Atlanta, GA, USA

Media Sales Executive

Oak Park, MI 48237, USA