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Platinum B Love

    After experiencing success as a Hip-Hop artist Platinum B Gumbie at Steady Reckin Productionz with a dedicated online following listening intensely to his beats & rhymes through the Couch PoTa’Da Station App. The Texas born rapper examined where he has been and decided to fully pursue the next level. Armed with natural talent, an innovative approach to the mic, and wildly dynamic songs that are guaranteed to catch fire with people. He made the most important move of his career.


Re-branding himself as Platinum B LOvE as he sharpened his focus and challenged himself to make the best music he has made to date. There ain’t nothing’ part-time about Platinum B LOvE. He’s on his grind 24/7. With his sight set firmly to the top of the charts and all the skills, confidence, cuts & bars to get him there. Platinum B LOvE is ready to take over 2020 with a cutting edge combination of Hip-Pop that shows the depth of respect he has for old school while keeping the music a step ahead of the rest.


It’s no longer about where he has been. It’s all about where he’s going. Platinum B LOvE is ready to bring an all new, real and unforgettable experience in Hip-Pop straight to the people, right where it belongs.


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