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OurWAY Youth Podcast Summer Program

A mentor program designed for youth ages 9 to 16.

A soft entry program centered on the skills, tools and equipment needed for podcast and internet radio broadcast. Our goal is to introduce youth to their own voice that reside in Oak Park, MI and the surrounding areas. Participants may also be selected to join OurWAY in creating a youth based internet radio broadcast for minors

Purpose: To provide young people a professional environment where youth can be introduced to podcast & radio production made our way.

Entry: $150.00

Duration: Tuesdays / July 6 - July 27, 2021

Includes: OurWAY Lunch, TAP PAK's, Program T-Shirt, OurWAY Photoshoot


How To Power Up:

Here participants will be introduced to all the necessary equipment. Also how to properly connect hardware and remove lines.

After powering up the workstation students learn how to record audio for playback.

How to run a Podcast 

Students will be encouraged to create there own personality name and title of a Podcast show. 

In a 2-person team students will practice as the host or sound engineer including mixing music.

How to Broadcast:

Students will practice Pre-Rolls and Mid-Rolls during recordings and practice creating audio commercials, Intros, Outros, Bumpers and Rejoiners. 

Meet and Greet Podcast Show:

Students will have the chance to put their new skills to the test by hosting and interviewing a professional guest.


The shows is pre-recorded and streamed for a live on air audience on OurWAY Radio Broadcast.

Become a OurWAY Star Starter

1-Personal Podcast Podcasting Recording Kit w/Lessons



- Audio Mixer

- Microphone

- Mic Stand 

- Headphones.

OurWAY Youth Podcast Kit

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